One: Spring

I am the spring

Unfreezing the frost

On the words

I could have sworn I had lost


Melting the ice

 In the veins

Like the rivers starting to flow again.


Starting to grow again

Blossoming into what I’ve always been

But convinced that I was not


I am the spring.

Bursting back to life after

The leaves lost and flowers wilted

And the freezing of winter


You may not see it

But I am the spring

Fresh and vivid

Re-opening my eyes to the world


I am the spring.


Here’s the deal I’m sure. You’ve seen it before. I know it’s been done. One post a week for the next fifty-two weeks, or year if you prefer. Let’s see how this works out. I have problems committing and this is committing. So I suppose you’ll hear from me next week… Hopefully.